Our Approach

We are selective. We are very good at what we do. We like to win.

If you are a loan officer or branch manager looking for a change we need to talk with you. New Leaf represents some of the best and most innovative mortgage companies in the industry and we can find you a new home that allows you to take your career to the next level. And if you're a company looking to grow and expand - call us for a confidential interview. Due to the nature of our approach we don't work with everyone and are very selective about the companies we do end up working with and representing.

New Leaf Recruiting

Meet the Team

New Leaf Recruiting is an experienced team of mortgage professionals with decades of experience.

New Leaf Recruiting

Bob Catalano

Bob's mortgage lending career spans more than 20 years. From owning his own mortgage company, managing branches, and overseeing recruiting operations for large national mortgage lenders he has a unique perspective on our industry. Over the years in between mortgage lenders Bob also was involved with a handful of CRM and mortgage technology tools. As a former loan officer, branch manager, and mortgage company owner Bob has the real world, hands on experience to know the challenges and pain points you have as you explore opportunities.
New Leaf Recruiting

Patti Catalano

Manager, Talent Acquisition & Client Relations
Patti is a key resource behind the scenes that helps organize candidate research and input. She brings over 20 years of highly successful executive account management experience prior to joining New Leaf Recruiting. Patti is extremely proficient at working large databases and organizing complex sets of data to tailor and align with an organization’s key business objectives while providing an appropriate list of target candidates in a timely manner.